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Q: What is canned hominy?

Q.  Teruko Asks: I’m writing about your Healthy Black Bean-Hominy Chili recipe which calls for a can of hominy.  Can you tell me what canned hominy is?  I have searched my supermarket and health store and am having trouble tracking it down.  I don’t want to give up and am am really looking forward to [&hellip

Q: Help! I’m having trouble making your Beer Bread!

Q.  Brigida Asks: I am having some trouble making your Beer Bread and was hoping you might be able to help….I’ve had difficulty “turning the dough onto a floured surface: kneading quickly to form a ball.”  I found that the bread was too sticky to form.  I added more flour but still had to use [&hellip

Q: Where can I buy Famous Chocolate Wafers?

Q.  Marcia Asks: I’ve been hoping to try your recipe for Easy Mocha Tartlets but have been unable to find Famous Chocoate Wafers.  Do you have any idea where I can buy them? A.  Hey Marcia, They’re made by Nabisco and are available at most grocery stores. I’d talk with the store manager if they [&hellip

Q: What can I use instead of bacon in your Clam Chowder?

Q.  Shahidah Asks: Hi Pam! I’ve been searching for a clam chowder recipe and I just came across yours.  My question is this: what can I use in place of bacon? I don’t eat pork so how can I make this wonderful dish and not lose any flavor? A. I suggest stirring a couple of [&hellip

Q: Is the agave in your Chai recipe liquid or granular?

Q.  Lori Asks: In today’s USA Weekend Magazine, you have a recipe for Totally yummy DIY chai! I have one question regarding the  ingredient blue agave: Is it in granular form or liquid? A.Good question, Lori. Agave is in liquid form. You’ll likely find it near the molasses and honey. Enjoy! &nbsp

Q: Did you keep a food journal while losing weight?

Q.  Donna Asks: Just wondering if you have more info on a website or a book or article about how you ate to lose your weight!  I’ve got your book The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great and have read how you exercised 3 times a day and ate x amount of calories [&hellip

Q: How do you plan a weekly menu?

Q.  Melissa Asks: Hi, Pam, I’ve been making recipes from your book, The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great for many months now.  I LOVE the roasted fish with veggies….SO easy and tasty.  I’m finally at the point where I want to start to lose weight and I want to use your recipes [&hellip

Q: What is red miso paste?

Q.  Connie Asks:  I love your new cookbook, Cook without a Book: Meatless Meals!  I have been trying new recipes from it and ran into an ingredient I’ve never hear of.  Red miso…is it found in the spices?  Can you tell me what it is? A.  Hey Connie, Miso is a wonderful savory paste made [&hellip

Q: Can I substitute golden syrup for corn syrup?

Q.  Elinor Asks: I found a recipe for Italian Buttercream that uses 1 Tbsp of golden syrup!  Can I substitute corn syrup, where it’s such a small amount?  Any reason not to?  Any other substitutions you’d suggest?  Thanks so much!  I’m a big fan of yours. A.  I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t [&hellip

Q: Does your Biscotti recipe really not require any fat?

Q.  Sheila Asks: Hi Pam, I would like to try your biscotti recipe featured in USA Weekend. I noticed there is no butter or oil used. Is that a mistake ? I have other biscotti recipes and they always call for some type of fat. A.  No Sheila, it is not a mistake that there [&hellip

Q: How can I find nutritional information for your recipes?

Q.  Debby Asks: I’m wondering if there is a place on this site to find the nutrition information for the recipes (I’m mainly concerned with calories).  I love that the recipes in the USA Weekend edition have all the nutrition stuff listed, too.  I’m watching my weight after recently losing 35 pounds, so calorie info [&hellip

Q: When I bake the Peppermint Bark it has a layer of butter fat, how can I fix that?

Q.  Gail Asks: I’ve made the New and Improved Peppermint Bark twice,and my entire family loves it!  I plan to make this as our family home-made holiday gift this year.  We always work on a food project to give to our family and friends, and I know I am going to blow them away with this [&hellip

Q: What type of wine do you recommend cooking with?

Q. Jean Asks:  I have never used wine to cook with. What red wine do I buy for your recipes?   Also can you suggest a white wine? A. I generally use red wine for rich meaty stews which means you’ll want an equally deep rich red wine. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Ask [&hellip

Q: How would you recommend cooking the Braised Short Ribs in a pressure cooker?

Q.  Terry Asks:  How would you recommend cooking the Braised Short Ribs in a pressure cooker? A.  Hey Terry, I’m not offering a pressure cooker method for the braised short ribs. Rather, I’m using my oven as a modified pressure cooker, creating a tight seal in the pan and cooking at a high temperature. A [&hellip