Looking Forward, Going Back

As I sit here on the second day of the New Year I’m grateful that Maggy, Sharon, and I—Three Many Cooks—have stood the short test of time. For three and a half years now we’ve found a way to tell our stories and share our recipes.

The first eighteen months of Three Many Cooks we consistently posted illustrated food stories, followed by a recipe. But then two things happened. The rigid format started to cramp our style. We found ourselves wanting to share great recipes that didn’t necessarily have a good story. What to do?

And then life got busy for us all, but especially for Sharon—Three Many Cook’s best storyteller—who started graduate school and within a few weeks met Anthony. For the next few years Sharon needed time to get thru grad school, plan a wedding, go on a month-long honeymoon, find a job, move to Atlanta, and spend time settling into life.

Sharon took a break from Three Many Cooks, and in the interim Maggy—Three Many Cook’s most gifted photographer–and Pam—Three Many Cook’s best recipe developer–took charge. For the last couple of years our format has reflected Maggy’s and my strengths, and the site naturally evolved from illustrated stories to photography-driven recipes.

But now Sharon is back, and Maggy and I are thrilled because now we can offer it all. Four times a month, we’ll post a food story, cleverly illustrated by Kev Anderson (my nephew and Sharon and Maggy’s cousin.) But we’ll also continue to share our beautifully photographed recipes.

This year we look forward to dishing up more great recipes and first-rate food photography, and here’s our first offering of the year: Quinoa-Kale Salad with Kefir-Cumin Dressing.

We also look forward to a little more yarn spinning too, and Sharon will lead the way. In the next few days look for her post entitled Asking For It, along with her recipe for Simple Tomato Sauce with Pork ‘n Beef Meatballs.

Happy. New. Year!

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  1. Alice in LA says

    Looking forward to spending 2013 with you all vicariously through the web since I’m stuck living on the other side of the country. Hugs!

  2. Tina says

    Happy New Year, TMC!
    I am delighted to hear about your new plans for the site (and it was nice to hear the backstory to past changes). I love that you three share your own strengths and voices and humor. Making adjustments keeps it fresh and meaningful for you- and is a treat for us. I am looking forward to checking in with y’all frequently in 2013. (And so happy Kev will be back, too- love the personal touch his art creates)

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