Congratulations Mary Clare, the winner of this week’s giveaway, who eats “veg most of the time, but the one thing I always crave is a hamburger.”

We’re in week two of our five week giveaway of Cook without a Book: Meatless Meals. Thank you all for participating last week. I so enjoyed reading your favorite meatless breakfast menus!

This week I’m sharing an example of my creamy roasted vegetable soup; it’s the one I mentioned in The Perfect Wedding on Friday.  This soup is nice enough to enjoy as a first course with company (or even as shooter appetizers as I did at the wedding!) and simple enough to pair with a sandwich or salad.  I’ve known for a long time that roasting the vegetables for this style soup heightens flavor and in some of my earlier creamy vegetable soup formulas I’ve “roasted” them right in the soup kettle. It works but it takes a lot of time and attention and there’s only so much surface area in a pot. By roasting the vegetables in the oven, it saves time and allows you to roast a large quantity very simply.

This week I’m interested to see how you answer the following question: If you were contemplating a vegetarian lifestyle, which meaty dish you’d have  hard time giving up. Having just visited my parents in Florida this weekend and enjoying sausages and biscuits for breakfast, I think I’d miss sausage.

Same deadline as last week. You’ve got until 9PM ET Wednesday, October 3rd to enter. We’ll announce the winner on Thursday morning. I’m really looking forward to hearing your responses to this one!