About Three Many Cooks

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Welcome! We are Three Many Cooks – Pam, Maggy, and Sharon, a mother and her two daughters. We don’t know about you, but everything that’s worth being part of in our family happens in the kitchen. Most dinner parties that are supposed to migrate to the dining room never actually make it there, most difficult conversations that other people would have behind closed doors happen on stools around the island, and most screaming matches that should never happen at all take place there, too.

The three of us have always had a strong (though not always smooth) relationship. We like to drink, we love to cook, and we rarely go a day without talking to each other. Whenever people come over, they get swept up in the fun – chopping, laughing, stirring, drinking, sharing. This website is our way of inviting you into our favorite place. There are three cooks in our kitchen. Sometimes that’s too many, but usually it’s just right.



Pam Anderson

Pam AndersonPam Anderson considers herself Every Cook. A New York Times bestselling author, she has been cooking nearly everyday for over 30 years. With seven published books, she brings satisfying recipes and sage advice to both novice and veteran cooks. Whether you’re on a quest for the perfect brownie, wanting to get dinner on the table effortlessly, hoping to entertain more simply, attempting to shed pounds permanently, or looking to eat delicious meatless, Pam can help. AARP’s official food expert and former Executive Editor of Cook’s Illustrated magazine, she is also a contributing chef at Runner’s World Magazine. Her food articles have appeared in many magazines including Redbook, Woman’s Day, and Better Homes and Garden.


Maggy Keet

Maggy KeetAs a New Yorker, I take full advantage of the ever evolving, always exciting restaurant scene. But most days, my “happy place” is found in my tiny Manhattan kitchen. My perfect night is spent listening to NPR, while drinking a glass of wine, and creating a simple, (most often) vegetarian supper which I enjoy with my husband, Andy. In addition to blogging, writing, and planning events, I work full-time as a Development Fundraiser.


Sharon Damelio

Sharon DamelioI love to cook and to write–both of which I learned at my parents’ elbows. After graduating from college, I worked at Fine Cooking magazine as the Assistant Web Editor. After two glorious years there, I returned to graduate school and now work at WhyHunger, an NYC-based nonprofit that is building a movement to end hunger and increase access to fresh, nutritious food. In the kitchen, I fancy myself the culinary version of an armchair-traveler, but I’m also a devoted baker. Some days, when work is overwhelming and the world seems bleak, methodically creating a batch of bread, cookies, or scones is all the relaxation I need.