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Roasted Cauliflower with Dill Vinaigrette

Photo by Brian Samuels Photography, taken at The Big Potluck At Saturday’s Big Potluck lunch we set up a bountiful salad bar overflowing with greens and grains and an array of colorful vegetables, which we all grazed on to near excess. Saturday night’s dinner was sit-down, and a first-course salad made sense with our grilled [&hellip

The Real Whiskey Sour: Official Drink of Summer

Photo by Brian Samuels Photography, taken at The Big Potluck Before I met Anthony, I didn’t like bourbon, rye, rum, scotch, or just about any form of brown liquor. It took some coaxing, some time, and some really great cocktails for my palette to change, but these days I’m like “Gin, who?” My go-to cocktail [&hellip

Vegetarian Lettuce Cups

I made these Vegetarian Lettuce Cups for the first time when Mom and our friend and business partner Erika were in California preparing for Big Traveling Potluck. It was an exhausting week as we prepared to welcome a hundred bloggers and sponsors for a weekend of food, inspiration, and community. We’ve been organizing these events for nearly [&hellip

Chilaquiles Casserole

(Photo by Brian Samuels) When one of our Big Traveling Potluck speakers tasted my Chilaquiles Casserole,  I got word she said it was the best thing she had eaten in a long time. And she clarified. This was not just the best breakfast, but the best thing, she had eaten in a long time. The [&hellip

Myra’s Beloved Oatcakes

Along with the rest of the women on our Earthbound Farm trip last fall, Mom and I  were immediately drawn to its co-founder, Myra Goodman. Touring their large-scale organic farming operation in California, we were in awe that this thriving business all started so small. Myra recalls bagging lettuces in her living room with husband [&hellip

Simple, Classic Lemon Curd

I like to think I am pretty brave in the kitchen. I’ll try just about anything, as long as I am not expected to serve it to company, and I’m almost always game to take on big cooking projects – even when they involve risk of utter failure and the distinct possibility that $50 worth [&hellip

Hummus with Roasted Fennel, Garlic, and Dill

. Maggy, Sharon, and I just got back from California where we spent a week preparing for and hosting our second annual Big Traveling Potluck in Murrieta, California. In the coming week we’ll share more photos and stories, but in the meantime, here’s a nugget from Friday night’s opening reception…. A chilly wind whipped through [&hellip

Lavender Sugar

This week Mom, Sharon, and I are back in Murietta, California preparing for our second annual West Coast Big Potluck. We’re East Coast women, but each time we come to Southern California, we’re awe struck by the beauty and vibrancy of simple things we don’t typically see in  New York City and Atlanta–baskets overflowing with avocados, [&hellip

Spring Vegetables with Herbed Cornmeal Dumplings

As I look at this recipe—Spring Vegetables with Herbed Cornmeal Dumplings—I’m astounded at how much my cooking has evolved in just twelve years. In 2002 I published the original version of this recipe in my third book, CookSmart, which featured a six- to seven- pound-roasting hen, and a sauce calling for both butter and cream.  [&hellip

Simple Cioppino

There are some people who don’t like their food to touch. They make special divided plates just for these folks that are designed to keep their meat from touching their corn from touching their green beans from touching their potatoes. I discovered this week that they even make divided Tupperware to transport leftovers to work [&hellip

Salmon in a Jar (and Modern Pioneer Giveaway Winners Announced!)

Congratulations to our giveaway winners Elizabeth and Mary B on winning Georgia Pellegrini’s new book, Modern Pioneering. Enjoy!  I’ve been collecting and reviewing cookbooks for over thirty years now, so it only takes minutes for me to fan through a book and know if it belongs on my shelf or in the giveaway pile. Many books [&hellip

Soup Joumou

My first visit to Haiti was not long after the January 2010 earthquake. The inconceivable loss of hundreds of thousands of precious lives and the destruction of buildings and infrastructure was difficult to witness. Through my work, I’ve had the pleasure (and privilege) of traveling to Haiti many times since, and I’ve witnessed this incredible country rebuild. The [&hellip

The Palomnela

Another guest post by Sharon’s husband and family mixologist, Anthony Damelio. “You have to try something!” Carlos told me. I had already enjoyed a couple of his homemade drinks—all of which were exceptional—so I trusted him implicitly. “Do you like tequila and grapefruit?” he asked. “Of course! I’ve been experimenting with that myself, but I [&hellip

Salmon Bowl with Carrots, Spinach, and Potatoes

As we started to dress for our run this morning, I asked David to check the temperature. He resisted. Why bother? Just two days ago we had witnessed giddy New Yorkers basking in light and warmth we hadn’t seen in months.  It couldn’t be cold enough for extra layers this morning. I wasn’t so sure, [&hellip