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Light and Creamy Pasta Bake with Butternut Squash and Kale

Nearly five years ago I thought we had made the ultimate shift in our diet when we started eating less meat so that we could afford better meat. As long as I could rely on cheese and eggs for the satisfaction factor, giving up meat a good chunk of the time wasn’t that difficult. But [&hellip

Sausage and Kale Stoup with Pumpkin and Farro

Maggy, Sharon, and I are all into stoups right now. In this relentlessly frigid winter of 2014, stoups are a quick, complete, and comforting supper. I suppose their definition is obvious, but for me stoup is a soup so wonderfully thick and chockfull of goodies it’s crossed the border into stew land. I thought stoups [&hellip

Lida Ward’s Chocolate Krinkle Cookies

First order of business… you may have noticed Maggy, Sharon, and I are posting a little less frequently these days, and it’s for a wonderfully good reason. We’ve got a book due! The deadline was originally end of January, but thankfully when we checked in with our editor mid January she said, “If you’re really nice [&hellip

Roasted Thai Chicken Wings

When I plan an appetizer party, chicken wings usually make the list. I’ve got a couple of recipes I rely on like the Roasted Lemon Chicken Wings we ran a few years ago. For our annual Christmas Eve hors d’oeuvre party, I got the urge to try something new, so I combed the Internet and [&hellip

Smoky Manhattan Salmon Chowder

When David came home with slightly elevated cholesterol numbers from the doctor’s office last fall and said he was going to try to lower them with diet, I had no idea the impact it would have on the way we eat. A couple of years ago we had already cut back on our meat consumption, [&hellip

Tofu Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Peanut Sauce

A few weeks back I was scouring the internet looking for a good tofu burger recipe to no avail. The recipes seemed labor intensive for a weeknight, requiring you to mash the tofu to a ground meat consistency, adding flavor and binder before forming it into patties. I opted to just slice the tofu into slabs, [&hellip

Kale Salad with Butternut Squash, Dried Cranberries & Pepitas

I know what you’re thinking. “Yawn…another kale salad.” If you’re thinking that, then you’re right. This is just another kale salad. But, it’s a damn good salad. So, there’s that. There is a recipe for this salad, but it’s loose. In general, I’m no great fan of salad recipes. I like my salad how I like [&hellip

On-the-Go Egg Muffins with Chiles and Cheese

Most on-the-go breakfasts aren’t especially good for you–muffins and pastries and such–and after eating a white carb breakfast like that, I’m starved by ten. Good-for-you breakfasts often require last-minute prep. That’s why I like  these egg muffins. You make a little time investment one morning, and then for the next several days, your good healthy [&hellip

Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Brussels Sprouts

My husband (and Sharon and Maggy’s dad) is an Episcopal minister, so Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are some of the busiest days of the year for him. Over the years we’ve come to realize that our family just can’t celebrate in the same way everyone else does. We don’t feel bad about it. We’ve [&hellip

Trail Guide Nut and Seed Bars

Two years ago I wasn’t eating breakfast every morning. My excuse was that I didn’t have time, but it was symptomatic of a larger problem: I wasn’t taking care of myself in general. Why wasn’t I making the time to eat? Why wasn’t I taking the time to exercise? Basically, why was I not nourishing [&hellip

Tuscan Kale and Chickpea Soup

This isn’t the recipe I had planned to post today, but when I made this Tuscan Kale and Chickpea Soup yesterday morning and posted the photo on Instagram, a handful of folks asked for the recipe. I guess this is what we’re all craving after weeks of indulgence: hearty beans and greens in a healing [&hellip

Hoppin’ John Soup with Kale

I don’t care where she is, Mom will find a way to have her traditional hog jowl and peas (for luck), her cooked greens (for prosperity) and accompanying corn bread for New Year’s Day. I remember the time we were all in Hawaii between Christmas and New Year’s and Mom slipped a package of black-eyed [&hellip

Smoke and Velvet

Another guest post from Sharon’s husband, Anthony, our family’s budding mixologist. Testing cocktails is…hard. I know what you’re thinking: Testing cocktails is fun! You get to experiment with flavors—and get a little (or a lot) tipsy in the process! While both of those things are true, starting a cocktail from scratch is no simple endeavor. [&hellip

Holiday Beef Tenderloin With Parsley-Red Pepper Sauce

If you read our blog regularly, you know that Maggy, Sharon, and I–spouses too–have cut back considerably on our meat consumption. In fact we didn’t even roast a Thanksgiving turkey this year, but instead feasted on all the good sides. Maggy’s husband, Andy, has been a good sport, but good Englishman that he is has [&hellip