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Big Traveling Potluck Lessons

Two weeks ago we hosted our first Big Traveling Potluck in Murrieta, California. For those of you don’t know about this event we host with our dear friend Erika from The Ivory Hut, it’s a bi-annual mash-up between a conference and retreat for food bloggers aimed at inspiring and igniting passion for our lives and [&hellip

Mary and the Soup

We often refer to my mother, Pam, as Mary. She’s earned this name because whenever we’re cooking and exclaim with horror, “Oh crap, we don’t have any ________!”, her arm disappears deep into the fridge, freezer, or pantry, and pulls out something that—if not exactly what we’re looking for—will work. Just like Marry Poppins. The [&hellip

Holiday Eats!

We’re taking a little break this week to celebrate, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy a little R&R, but thought I’d post a few photos starting with my Christmas Eve appetizer spread. With mom out of town, I was on my own – but I’m proud to report that I pulled if off [&hellip

The Gift of Food and a Harry & David Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

Congratulations to Shelley who has won the Harry and David gift basket. She says, “I love baking with my kids! We love to make plates filled with treats and deliver them to our friends.” Well Shelley, the table has turned. It looks like you’re gonna get some treats delivered to you! When it comes to [&hellip


Who doesn’t know Harry & David?! When I was growing up I remember our family frequently getting boxes of Harry & David fruit at Christmas–crisp apples, tender pears, and juicy citrus. A few weeks ago I got to visit the place where all that succulent fruit comes from! I was part of a Harry & [&hellip

Indian Burritos and a Keys to the Kitchen GIVEAWAY {CLOSED}

These incredible Indian “Burritos” are from Aida Mollenkamp‘s brand spankin’ new cookbook, Keys to the Kitchen: The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook. It’s been described as the “Joy of Cooking” for a new generation. After spending a few weeks with this book, I think that assessment is spot on. Keys to the Kitchen gives [&hellip

Borough Market, London

A couple weeks ago Andy and I were on an epic trip across Scotland and England, reconnecting with family and friends – some who we had not seen in years. I had a couple free days in London while Andy was working so got together with my food-loving, photograph-taking, college buddy Liam and his girlfriend, Naomi [&hellip

Tomato Tapenade Tart

Cooking is mostly a solitary, weeknight activity for me. At day’s end, I shut down my computer, turn on Classic FM, and start preparing dinner alone. There’s peace in the preparation, satisfaction in the finished product, and joy in sitting at the table with Andy to eat it when he comes home. But I had forgotten [&hellip

On Mindfulness

Photo credit: Justin Schwartz, Justcook NYC This is the familiar tale of the physician who offers healing to others, but needs it most herself. Many of you know that Mom, Erika and I host an annual blogger retreat called The Big Summer Potluck, Last weekend we welcomed nearly a hundred bloggers, sponsors and organizers to [&hellip

Grilled Portabello Burgers With Tomato, Pesto, and Mozzarella

I’ve been shopping at Costco for at least a dozen years now, and they’ve always carried domestic white mushrooms. Recently they added creminis, also known as baby bella mushrooms. But the other day  I noticed portabello mushrooms finally made their debut. Costco is my culinary barometer. When they start carrying something, I consider it mainstream. [&hellip

Savory Sweet Life: The Book. And a GIVEAWAY!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Commenter #49. RJ says “Anything with pork!!” I would have let Mom write the review of Alice Currah’s new cookbook, Savory Sweet Life, but she wrote a review on the back of the book! This is what she says: “Savory Sweet Life is the perfect title for this book. Most of us either cook [&hellip

Loving Louisville: Bourbon, Beer, and Barrel-Aged Everything

I recently returned from a quick trip to Louisville, Kentucky with General Electrics where we checked out their new Monogram Professional Appliances. The afternoon we arrived, we saw this neon sign in a shop window which perfectly illustrates the myriad ways people pronounce “Louisville”. And everyone has an opinion about the right way. Trying to impress the [&hellip

Island Time

A couple weeks ago we went on an incredible sailing trip with six friends in the British Virgin Islands. And for me, the most memorable part of the trip isn’t the beautiful sunsets, the free-flowing Pina Coladas, or the listerine-colored water. The highlight of the trip is that we did not have phones or the [&hellip

Winner Announced! ‘Cook for Mom’ with a Big KitchenAid Giveaway

Obligatory old school photo of mom, Sharon, and me. I don’t care what my future children look like so long as they have Sharon’s legs.  Please pardon our delay in announcing a winner. Maggy’s been on vacation and I’ve been in FL helping my parents move from their home of 35 years to a retirement [&hellip