Winner Announced! ‘Cook for Mom’ with a Big KitchenAid Giveaway

Obligatory old school photo of mom, Sharon, and me. I don’t care what my future children look like so long as they have Sharon’s legs. 

Please pardon our delay in announcing a winner. Maggy’s been on vacation and I’ve been in FL helping my parents move from their home of 35 years to a retirement facility. Our KitchenAid “Cook for Mom” winner is #167 Angie who says, “Having lost my mother-in-law and own mother in recent years, I will be reflecting on my happy memories of both of them. I will also enjoy basking in the love I will receive from my two girls and husband.” Congratulations!

We aren’t much of a gift-giving family, not at least in the ‘box, wrapping paper and bow’ sense. For us celebrations are about the food and the people and long-winded cards that wax poetic about our love and respect for one another. We used to do presents, but then the company and the menu were so superior (especially when we were old enough to add a splash of wine to the mix) that those earrings, blouses, and calendars just didn’t add that much to the feel of the event anymore. So we long ago decided to put all our effort (and money) into food lovingly prepared, drinks carefully selected, tables beautifully laid, music painstakingly chosen, and the moment we should share together.

On Mother’s Day, more than on any other special day, we do this for our mother because she is so worth it. She has the most generous spirit and giving heart of anyone I know. There is no person better at celebrating you than Pam Anderson. She cheers the loudest, supports the strongest, offers the most, gives the biggest. Not just to us, but to everyone in her life. So on this day, we do for her. And truth be told, she’d be happy with a grilled cheese, a bowl of homemade tomato soup and a cold craft beer, because that’s who she is. Though she is a great lover of memorable food, for her it’s far more about the moment than the dish itself. Her style is unpretentious and all-inclusive and I believe this is the greatest thing I have absorbed from all my years in her presence.

This year, we are excited to be working with KitchenAid on a special Mother’s Day series called, “Cook for Mom.” We know a lot of you will be looking for menu inspiration this week as you plan what to cook for your mom or the mother figure in your life.

Here’s the menu that mom and I created together. Today, we’re sharing the recipe for Cornmeal-Scallion Waffles with Caramel Corn and Maple Syrup and we’ll be posting the rest of the recipes throughout the week!

Raspberry Ice Bellinis

Asparagus Salad “Nests”

Cornmeal-Scallion Waffles with Caramel Corn and Maple Syrup

Strawberry-Rhubarb Galette with Whipped Cream

To help us celebrate, KitchenAid is giving away all three of the following appliances we used to one lucky winner! I think we all know that there’s no better stand mixer out there. Hands down. After using a far inferior blender for years, this is without doubt the Rolls Royce of blenders. And that waffle iron? The best. It lets you make two waffles at once!

KitchenAid Raspberry Ice 5 quart Stand Mixer

KitchenAid ‘Cook for the Cure’ Edition Pink 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid Pro Line Black Waffle Iron

To enter, just leave a comment telling us what you’re doing for Mother’s Day this year! Giveaway closes on Friday, May 11 at 9PM EST. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!

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  1. Nicole says

    Well, I have two weddings and it’s my daughter’s third birthday this weekend so hopefully I will be able to just find some quiet time in there somewhere. :)

  2. Kim says

    We will actually be going up to Lake Arrowhead this year. Enjoying time together and relaxing. We will also have Mother’s Day brunch out by the water!

  3. Nee Nee says

    I’m going to church to care for kids during the services for other mom’s, and then I’ll go see my Nana!

  4. Seana C says

    Start with breakfast in bed – which with my kiddos means they will go with Dad to pick up donuts and coffee. Lunch at a clam shack followed by a walk on the beach. Then a quiet evening in with my family.

  5. Megan J says

    I’ll just be calling my mom and grandma this year because I live far from them. But they’re having a wonderful brunch with the whole family to celebrate the day!

  6. says

    Wow, this Mother’s Day will be a hard one as I am living in Canada and my mom is in the states. My daughters are spread far and wide also so the celebration will be done over the phone or by Skype. So in the morning, I will make brunch for just my husband and I and I do believe I am going to make your Raspberry Bellinis along with a Veggie Omelet. Sounds wonderful to me. I would love to win the Raspberry Ice 5 quart Stand Mixer or either of the other two gifts. I love pinks so it is prefect. Happy Mother’s Day to you all and I love the tribute to your mother!

  7. Jill J says

    Love this giveaway and those appliances!! I don’t know many of the details yet, but I’ve heard talk that my teenage son will be making waffles, sausage and eggs for breakfast (yay!) and I’ve heard talk of going to a movie and out to dinner. And naturally, I will be calling my own Mother first thing in the morning to share the love since we don’t live near each other.

    To all you wonderful Moms out there – I hope your day is special!!

  8. Jennifer Ray says

    Having breakfast with my parents, husband and son, my brother and his wife and kids and my grandfather. This will be our first Mother’s Day without my grandmother who passed away earlier this year on my birthday.

    After breakfast I’ll be going to church with my husband and son, where there will be a Mother’s Day cookout and then home with them to hang out for the rest of the day.

  9. Pricilla says

    We will be getting together with all the Moms in our family and prepare a delicious dinner and dessert and show them how thankful we are for each one of them. :)

  10. Lisa Geeck says

    My husband is out of town with work, so it will just be my kids and I, along with my furry kids. I appreciate this Mother’s day so much more, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October of last year. I’m finished with treatment and pretty much back to normal. It just makes you appreciate the every day things that get taken for granted. Happy Mother’s day.

  11. christine taylor says

    On mothers day I am taking mom to church with us. bbq later on flank steak and strawberry avocado spinach salad and cheesecake later on.

  12. Josee says

    This is my very first mother’s day (I’m so excited!!). I don’t really know what is being planned for me, but for my own Mom, I can’t wait to bring the baby to visit her and give her a beautiful card with several shopping cards inside.

  13. says

    This will technically be my first Mother’s Day so hubby said he wants to take me out. Missing my mom and my grandmothers in heaven this year, so I’ll be spending quality time with my mother in law also :)

  14. says

    I just got back from college so I will be at home celebrating with my mom and the rest of my family. I’ve already sent out all of my mothers day cards to grandmothers, aunts, and close family friends (I love to send cards)! I really enjoy cooking, so I will be cooking some Chicken Alfredo, fresh veggies, and who knows what else from my mom and family on mother’s day. I’m so excited to be spending the day with my mom after being at school for so long and I’m also excited to be back in the kitchen! This blender and especially the stand mixer will go perfect in my future kitchen (yay!) and will really help me out in the kitchen! Kitchenaid appliances are like having extra hands in the kitchen. :) Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

  15. says

    I am so lucky because I have my children, my mother AND my grandmother, aunts and cousins. We all spend Mother’s Day together. We each bring our signature dishes to holidays and we feast like the Kings we are! (My grandfather’s last name is King, so much of the family are actually Kings!)

  16. Jennifer valentine says

    I am heading to my grandmas to celebrate the day with my mom, aunt, sister, and two daughters. Blessed to all be together!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. Marit Saltrones says

    Lemon ricotta pancakes, rhubarb compote, marscapone, French press coffee, St Germaine in champagne.

  18. Maggie MacLagan says

    I am painting a very special painting for a very special friend & going to the hospital to visit my mother.But 1st I am baking up a storm! A friend lent me her mixer:a kitchen-aid. I AM IN LOVE!!!

  19. Helen says

    My children are coming to get me after church , and taking mom to lunch, can’t wait to see my babies, what a blessed mom I am! Happy Mothers Day to every Mother!!!

  20. says

    Mother’s day was last weekend here in Portugal, and I celebrated big: made a huge lasagna for my mother and my mother in law and we all ate together al fresco, since the weather was finally aloowing us to do so! And I even got a big bouquet of flowers from my 2 and a half year old son! Life does not get much better than this!

  21. says

    We’re actually going to be at my cousin’s for a joint celebration of baby shower and mother’s day for all the moms in the family. It’s going to be one super fantastic party!! Food, games, family.. what else can I ask for.

  22. Jessica says

    My sibblings and myself will be make dinner for our mom and our grandmother. It’s an annual tradition we started as kids as soon as we learned to cook and were allowed to do it on “our own” without help.

  23. says

    We are staying in this year and making a big meal for mom! Roast beef, fresh mixed salad, and roasted squash and zucchini. She hates going out to eat on holidays.

  24. Kathy says

    It’s a special Mother’s Day for me with our two chldren and four very young grandchildren. Our daughter-in-love is hosting a Mama’s Day Brunch using Kitchen Aid appliances they received as wedding gifts. I know that part of my legacy to my children’s families is the importance of family get-togethers with good food, family fun, and afternoon naps for the little ones and their grandparents!

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