JamieOliversFoodRevolutionLast week British Chef, Jamie Oliver, won the 2010 TED prize for his vision to “create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” The food blogging community was alight with words of praise, support and respect for Jamie’s campaign. But they were just that—words. We need to take action, bring our support to the next level and help make Jamie’s TED Wish come true. After all, he’s been working on this campaign for over seven years!

As a blog about a mother and two daughters cooking together, I think we can take on at least one aspect of this challenge: to inspire families to cook again. Sharon and I may not always have been avid students during Mom’s impromptu cooking lessons, but after years in Mom’s kitchen, it finally sunk in. We caught the cooking bug and now we’re dishing up delicious and healthy food every day. With any luck, this is something we’ll pass on to our kids.

Three Many Cooks wants to know what’s cooking in your family kitchen. Put on your best apron, cue your favorite music and cook a healthy, delicious meal with husbands, wives, children, extended family or dear friends. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take a photo and e-mail it to maggy@threemanycooks.com. Tell us who’s in the picture and what you’re cooking. Give us the recipe if you like.

Those who send in a photo will be entered into a competition to win a Kyocera Ceramic Santoku knife and peeler set (ERV $90). On Sunday, we’ll randomly select a winner and some of the best photos to feature on the blog.

Watch Jamie Oliver’s TED talk outlining the problems and the solutions: http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.html

Now let’s hear your ideas. What can we do to inspire families to cook again?