Summer Vegetable Chowder

ChowderSQServes 6 to 8

4 hot dogs, cut into small dice
3 large ears of corn, kernels removed; cobs halved and reserved
1 large white onion, cut into small dice
1 each: small to medium zucchini and summer squash, cut into small dice
1 large carrot, cut into small dice
2 ribs of celery, cut into small dice
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (more or less to taste)
1/4 teaspoon paprika (more or less to taste)
Salt and ground black pepper
6 cups whole milk
6 or 7 small red potatoes cut into bite-sized pieces
2 bay leaves

Heat a Dutch oven or soup kettle over medium-high heat. Add hotdogs; saute until some of the fat renders. Add about half the corn; continue to saute until it starts to brown, then add onions, zucchini, yellow squash, carrot, and celery along with cayenne, paprika, and a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper. Continue to saute until vegetables are tender, then add milk, potatoes, bay leaves, corn cobs, and remaining corn kernels; Bring to a simmer, reduce heat to medium-low. Continue to simmer, partially covered, until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes. Check liquid; adding water for a thinner soup. Remove the cobs and bay leaves, taste and adjust seasoning, if necessary.

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  1. Andi says

    No hot dogs but I do have some ham I’m trying to use up (which I took from the freezer to make room) and lots of corn cut from the cob in the freezer (yay – more room!) so this will be dinner tonight! Enjoyed the post.

  2. gkey says

    dear Summers’ best,

    I am here to tell you, this is GOOOOOD stuff!
    Made it yesterday right after i saw it here. Turned out
    great. I did leave out the carrots tho.

    When “leftovers” taste like this

  3. Sharon says

    yes! this absolutely freezes!! i have two or three quarts in my freezer now and have eaten many over the looooong winter months :)

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