This week Mom, Sharon, and I are back in Murietta, California preparing for our second annual West Coast Big Potluck. We’re East Coast women, but each time we come to Southern California, we’re awe struck by the beauty and vibrancy of simple things we don’t typically see in  New York City and Atlanta–baskets overflowing with avocados, jugs of freshly picked wild flowers, artichokes growing on the stalk, and broad and sweeping views of lush, green valleys.

And finally potent lavender sugar, which we enjoyed this morning sprinkled over thick, Greek yogurt topped with sliced local strawberries. What a simple, beautiful, healthful way to start our day.

There are so many ways to savor this lavender sugar. Not only does it take Greek yogurt to another level, it also gives a new spin to summer lemonade and iced tea. It’s great for topping sugar cookies and even popcorn (think sweet kettle corn). Of course leave it to Mom to make a lavender simple syrup for cocktails!

In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing more of our California recipes and stories. Until then, let’s all enjoy spring, which finally seems to have come.

Lavender Sugar
Makes 2 cups

2 tablespoons dried lavender buds
2 cups cane sugar

Put lavender and sugar in a food processor and pulse until lavender is incorporated. Store in a tightly sealed jar, will keep for up to six months.