What to do with all those Easter Eggs?

Egg Salad is the perfect dish to make with leftover Easter eggs. If you don’t have leftover eggs, Mom tells you how to make the perfect boiled egg that doesn’t have that dark ring around the yolk. In today’s USA Weekend video we offer a recipe for classic egg salad, and another one that’s just a little bit different. Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. says

    Adorable! Almost makes me want to reconsider egg salad. I’d pretty much add tuna or chicken to either one of those recipes and call it delicious though.

    You guys are really coming into your own with these videos. Each week is better and better.

  2. says

    The egg salad with the Indian flavors sounds fantastic. That one’s worth cooking up some hard boiled eggs just to try it out. I noticed that neither recipe used minced onion, one of my favorites.

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