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The Palomnela

Another guest post by Sharon’s husband and family mixologist, Anthony Damelio. “You have to try something!” Carlos told me. I had already enjoyed a couple of his homemade drinks—all of which were exceptional—so I trusted him implicitly. “Do you like tequila and grapefruit?” he asked. “Of course! I’ve been experimenting with that myself, but I [&hellip

Salmon Bowl with Carrots, Spinach, and Potatoes

As we started to dress for our run this morning, I asked David to check the temperature. He resisted. Why bother? Just two days ago we had witnessed giddy New Yorkers basking in light and warmth we hadn’t seen in months.  It couldn’t be cold enough for extra layers this morning. I wasn’t so sure, [&hellip

Quick Coq au Vin

I used to use rotisserie chickens all the time. Not so much anymore. For one, we’ve cut back on our meat consumption, but it’s more because most rotisserie chickens are factory farmed. Now that there’s a Whole Foods five minutes down the road, it’s easy to get a an organic, free-range rotisserie chicken, so a [&hellip

Easy Lamb Vindaloo

Indian was the first cuisine I really discovered for myself. When I was growing up, Mom cooked with lots of different flavors, but Indian wasn’t really part of her standard repertoire. She was great with classic American seasonings and was comfortable just about anywhere along the Mediterranean, but food from the countries beyond that inevitably [&hellip

Grace Bender’s Pecan Balls

Grace Bender passed away nearly ten years ago, and her husband, Fred, died this past November. Fred and Grace were both very special to our family. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Fred was one of the senior associates at Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Darien, Connecticut, and he and Grace took very good [&hellip

Hummus with Almond Butter

Until working on last month’s Heart Health month video, I never thought of subbing almond butter for tahini in hummus, but I tried it, and I really like it. Here’s why. Almond butter is more readily available. Tahini is showing up more frequently, but you can’t find it just anywhere. Almond butter is easier to work with. [&hellip

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