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On a quest for the perfect brownie? That quadrupled recipe didn’t quite work? Need to shed a few pounds and lack inspiration? Need help learning to cook without a book?

Pam can help.

A New York Times bestselling author, Pam Anderson has been cooking nearly everyday for 30 years now. With 7 published cookbooks, she offers sage advice to both novice and veteran cooks. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

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Questions Archive:

Q: What is canned hominy?

Q.  Teruko Asks: I’m writing about your Healthy Black Bean-Hominy Chili recipe which calls for a can of hominy.  Can you tell me what canned hominy is?  I have searched my supermarket and health store and am having trouble tracking it down.  I don’t want to give up and am am really looking forward to [&hellip

Q: Help! I’m having trouble making your Beer Bread!

Q.  Brigida Asks: I am having some trouble making your Beer Bread and was hoping you might be able to help….I’ve had difficulty “turning the dough onto a floured surface: kneading quickly to form a ball.”  I found that the bread was too sticky to form.  I added more flour but still had to use [&hellip

Q: Where can I buy Famous Chocolate Wafers?

Q.  Marcia Asks: I’ve been hoping to try your recipe for Easy Mocha Tartlets but have been unable to find Famous Chocoate Wafers.  Do you have any idea where I can buy them? A.  Hey Marcia, They’re made by Nabisco and are available at most grocery stores. I’d talk with the store manager if they [&hellip

Q: What can I use instead of bacon in your Clam Chowder?

Q.  Shahidah Asks: Hi Pam! I’ve been searching for a clam chowder recipe and I just came across yours.  My question is this: what can I use in place of bacon? I don’t eat pork so how can I make this wonderful dish and not lose any flavor? A. I suggest stirring a couple of [&hellip

Q: Is the agave in your Chai recipe liquid or granular?

Q.  Lori Asks: In today’s USA Weekend Magazine, you have a recipe for Totally yummy DIY chai! I have one question regarding the  ingredient blue agave: Is it in granular form or liquid? A.Good question, Lori. Agave is in liquid form. You’ll likely find it near the molasses and honey. Enjoy! &nbsp