It’s a Party, One-Dish Style

I knew Three Many Cook’s one-year anniversary was getting close, so I checked. Sure enough, the dates on our first posts were 9/24/09 and 10/1/09. So today—smack dab between the two—we’re celebrating with a video that, in turn, toasts my new book, Perfect One-Dish Dinners.

Parties aren’t free so kudos to my publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for funding the video. Special thanks for saying yes to this project so quickly (it only took a day!). May your quick action reap the benefits.

I’m still questioning how Three Many Cooks was lucky enough to meet (let alone work with) food bloggers, photographers, and videographers Diane Cu and Todd Porter (aka White On Rice Couple).

Maggy and I connected with Todd and Diane in LA on the first leg of book tour. In less than a week, they were on a red-eye to our home in Connecticut. Forty-eight hours later this extraordinary video was sitting in our inbox. More posts on this special couple soon along with their recipe for fresh spring rolls, which they made the night we shot the video.

We love our significant others—David, Andy, and Tony—not just showing up but for always being good sports.

And finally, people make the party so thank you for joining ours this past year. As we always say: there are three cooks in our kitchen. Sometimes that’s too many, but usually it’s just right. We’re so glad you’re with us.

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  1. says

    Oh wow! I love this video – it really shows how warm and wonderful the Anderson family is. And I love this book and this recipe! Best of luck with the new book – it’s awesome! :-)

  2. says

    Guys ~ you must stop making me tear up first thing Monday morning!! What a way to celebrate your first anniversary – CONGRATS to Pam for her book and CONGRATS to all three of you who encourage me to go for it and for making me laugh – I am so happy that you invited me to BSP AND that I took a leap of faith and came. You’re all awesome!

  3. says

    What a fantastic video about you all, so inspiring! I’m glad there wasn’t a buy now button in the video, I probably would have kept pushing it. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to pick one up.

  4. says

    I am so happy that I met Pam and Maggy recently on their book tour. I agree with the words in your bio: “Each of us is sassy, independent, opinionated, and verbose.” Ya think think that is why we hit it off in an instant??!! Sharon, I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks in SF.
    The video is gorgeous, brought tears to my eyes. You ladies are beautiful inside and out. Watching this encourages me to stay on my path fueled by passion. I hope to create the closeness and the memories you share here with my kids too!

  5. says

    I love the video and I love the book. We were supposed to meet while you were in L.A. two weeks ago, but we had some scheduling issues (I was meeting you with Gaby). Love your story. Good for you for doing what you love and bringing in those that you cherish and adore to share it with you! Inspiring!

  6. says

    OH, I love it, I love it!! What a beautiful video! (and music choice as well) I think I was smiling the whole time I watched it! Congrats on the wonderful new book and your 1 year as an official 3-some in the kitchen!!

  7. Jennifer says

    What a wonderful video, and even more than that, what a wonderful message! Congratulations on the new book and the one year anniversary of Three Many Cooks!

  8. says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video. What an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing. You are all amazing! I have the book and I am loving it. I love it even more after watching this video though! You guys are the best!!!

  9. says

    I completely understand why Todd and Diane said they got goosebumps after editing the video. Despite the many wonderful times I’ve had with your family, watching this video made me (and Tom) tear up a bit. It captures the wonderful warmth and love in your family and I look forward to watching Three Many Cooks continue to grow and blossom.

  10. Caroline says

    SO great! Fabulous video…getting your important message(s) out there….this is perfect! You all are wonderful. Much love.

  11. says

    That was fantastic! So intimate and real and the very essence of who all of you are! I have chills, tears, and am filled with inspiration after watching that AWESOME video! Congrats to all of you! Happy Anniversary and cheers to many, many more!

  12. says

    It was such an honor to be able to work with you three amazing ladies! All your hard work and your complete family unit is an inspiration. Best of all, you’re all so real, genuine and FUN!

  13. says

    We feel lucky to have had you guys wrap us up into your family after barely meeting a mere week prior. Seems like we’ve been part of the family for years already. Love you all.

    “Cheers!” to the book being released, (with a little extra “perfume” on the cocktail!)

  14. says

    What a beautiful video and what GORGEOUS family! Seeing the video I imagined my 1 yr old daughter all grown up and working with me with the same love and passion and it almost brought tears to my eyes!
    Good Luck to you guys!

  15. Cathy says

    Happy Anniversary! I love your cookbooks and thoroughly enjoy your blog. What a great way to mix family and food…it’s perfect!


    PS Love the addition of the videos, too!

  16. Karen Dewar says

    Pam, are you going to do a book signing at Farley’s in New Hope? I’m holding off buying the book (tough to do) if you’re coming down to see us. Let me know?
    Karen Dewar, Erwinna, PA

  17. says

    Todd & Diane did such an amazing job–love their work! Although I’ve only met Maggy IRL, I feel like I know you all. They did such a fabulous job of capturing your personalities and warmth. I just got my copy of the book and am trying to decide what dish to make first to “break it in”!

  18. says

    aaaaaw!!! you ladies, especially you Pam, are SOOOOO inspirational! Todd & Diane did a great job capturing what is special about you guys and letting us in on your awesomeness! Since I’ve met you in person and now personally how incredible you are, I thought it was even more special that it almost brought me to tears. I want that relationship with my family! You guys are a serious load of greatness! *gush*!

  19. says

    So beautifully done, and such a sweet message. Can’t wait to make some of the recipes in the book!

    Loved the can of Libby’s Pumpkin in the background too!

  20. says

    What a great video!!! They captured you three so perfectly it made me tear up a little. I am just so happy for you all. {hugs} Congrats on all of the success you are having now and for what is definitely on the horizon. The fact that you can share it with each other makes my heart sing for you ladies.

  21. says

    Congrats to all, great work, great fun. I especially love the shots of Maggy and Sharon laughing together. The book’s premise is fabulous — so many people are just overwhelmed by the idea of company coming.

  22. says

    Pam — I’m pretty new to blogging and stumbled on your site a few weeks ago. I sat and read every single post. I love the interactions between your girls and that y’all enjoy cooking together so much. My oldest son and my daughter are out of the house now, one at college and one just graduated from college, and they call me up all the time and ask how to make something or tell me about something they saw on The Food Network. I love that they are becoming cooks on their own and that it’s something we can share. Anyway, that’s a long way to get to the point that I really enjoy your site and plan to try your recipes. And, of course, since I have a cookbook obsession, I plan to go buy your cookbook — one or six! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the inspiration.

  23. says

    Wow. I’m not sure what else there is to say. Maybe “stop making videos that make me cry”? Love it – and love you guys. Thanks for continuing to share your food and lives with us!

  24. susan says

    Ok, it made me tear up too! Beautiful video, beautiful girls. Loved the interaction, the laughing and the window into your lives. I just got the book in the mail, so I’m loving this cooler weather, all curled up reading your cookbook like a great novel!

  25. Jeanne says

    This is great! We can’t wait to see you in Savannah on Nov. 8th!
    Class sold out in a couple hours!!
    Y’All are beautiful!

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