I knew Three Many Cook’s one-year anniversary was getting close, so I checked. Sure enough, the dates on our first posts were 9/24/09 and 10/1/09. So today—smack dab between the two—we’re celebrating with a video that, in turn, toasts my new book, Perfect One-Dish Dinners.

Parties aren’t free so kudos to my publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for funding the video. Special thanks for saying yes to this project so quickly (it only took a day!). May your quick action reap the benefits.

I’m still questioning how Three Many Cooks was lucky enough to meet (let alone work with) food bloggers, photographers, and videographers Diane Cu and Todd Porter (aka White On Rice Couple).

Maggy and I connected with Todd and Diane in LA on the first leg of book tour. In less than a week, they were on a red-eye to our home in Connecticut. Forty-eight hours later this extraordinary video was sitting in our inbox. More posts on this special couple soon along with their recipe for fresh spring rolls, which they made the night we shot the video.

We love our significant others—David, Andy, and Tony—not just showing up but for always being good sports.

And finally, people make the party so thank you for joining ours this past year. As we always say: there are three cooks in our kitchen. Sometimes that’s too many, but usually it’s just right. We’re so glad you’re with us.