Savory Sweet Life: The Book. And a GIVEAWAY!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Commenter #49. RJ says “Anything with pork!!”

I would have let Mom write the review of Alice Currah’s new cookbook, Savory Sweet Life, but she wrote a review on the back of the book! This is what she says:

Savory Sweet Life is the perfect title for this book. Most of us either cook or bake; Alice does both – beautifully. Savory Sweet Life offers a peek into Alice’s kitchen, one simple celebration at a time. With James Beard’s ‘I don’t like gourmet cooking…I like good cooking’ epigraph as her guide, she shares creative, appealing recipes that bear all the signs of a savvy cook.”

Mom received the book before I did and I remember her calling me and saying, “I just looked through Alice’s book. She’s a good cook, Maggy, she really knows food. And she’s one hell of a photographer!” My Mom is one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met. But she doesn’t pass out compliments like that willy nilly.

When my copy arrived, I paged through the book making notes of what I wanted to make first (tough choice!). Alice’s recipes are broad in scope from rich, indulgent desserts and appetizers to light, weeknight suppers and sides. But they are all something I’d want to eat! (And her photography makes the book even more appealing.)

Alice’s philosophy is clear and one that this family can certainly get behind: celebrating life moments (big and small) with loved ones around a table filled with fun, home-cooked food.  From afternoon tea parties and snow days to Dad’s birthday and welcome home celebrations, Alice has a recipe that will have your loved ones running to the table. And in my opinion, that is just what a good cookbook should do.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few more recipes that really caught my eye in Savory Sweet Life:

Breakfast Pizza, Chocolate Cookies ‘n’ Cream Dairy-Free “Ice Cream”, Spicy Bacon Spinach Artichoke Dip, The Ultimate Breakfast Pan “Cake” (I can’t even comprehend how much excitement this would bring to a kid!)

We are giving away one copy of Alice’s new book Savory Sweet Life. To enter, simply answer this question in the comments sectionWhat do you cook for your family and friends when you have something to celebrate?

Giveaway ends on Sunday, June 16 at 9 PM EST.

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  1. Alison says

    My repertoire is constantly evolving. I look to my favorite sites like Three Many Cooks for inspiration.

  2. Lia says

    I love to cook for my family and friends! When we have
    something to celebrate I always cook dishes with colorful
    and festive flare for your eye and taste buds, like a beautiful paella with seafood and lots of vegetables or aromatic grouper tagine full
    of exotic spices and herbs. Those two are always a huge success :)
    The book looks amazing, thanks for sharing and I hope I will
    get it!

  3. Emily Gutke says

    It changes, but my current favorite is Grilled Chicken Fajita Nachos.
    PS I want this book so badly! I am moving to Seattle this weekend (from Georgia) and would love this book as an introduction to my new cooking town.

  4. mindy says

    We always make a special cocktail that’s reflective of the person we are celebrating. Always fun and immediately puts everyone in a festive mood!

  5. says

    Simple comforting foods like chili and cornbread or cheesy scalloped potatoes. And always, always, always dessert….a cake, pie or tart.

  6. MaryB says

    Our celebration meals are constantly changing. Recently our celebratory meals have included seafood and risotto. If a celebration is in honor of a particular person, then that person chooses the menu.

  7. Heidi says

    It goes against the ‘rules’ – but I love to try new recipes at family celebration getogethers. I have had some great successes, and some not so great! :-)

  8. Doris says

    For summer celebrations it’s usually pork, either a smoked butt or ribs and, of course, potato salad. For dessert chocolate cake and apple pie.

  9. Loretta says

    It depends on the time of the year and the type of celebration. But since I usually have a crowd of people, it’s something that I can make in large quantities. This Father’s Day I’m breaking that rule and making chicken and waffles for everyone.

  10. Cassie Sue says

    The funny thing is, I was just coming onto your site for some inpiration for some good recipes since we’re having a wine tasting party this weekend. But I think my go-to would have to be homemade pizza, it always ends up making people happy.

  11. Sara says

    We make 3 or 4 different pizzas so everyone has a choice and we can sit around anywhere. Oh, and the kids love it too.

  12. nancy says

    Hands down Chicken Parmesan, home made sauce, garlic bread…salad. and chocolate cake or Cheesecake……

  13. Mary Frances Ellison says

    At our house, the menu for big celebrations are decided by a vote (other than those attached to a particular person, like birthdays, Father’s Day, etc. where the guest of honour gets to choose). However, we do end up with some interesting choices – which sometimes are unexpectedly wonderful – like the time that we had slow-cooker chili for Christmas Dinner, because that’s what everyone wanted! What a relaxing Christmas Day that was! (Maybe I’ll do that again, ’cause when you do something twice for our kids, it becomes a “family tradition”!)

  14. Pat White says

    I, usually, ask the birthday celebrant what they would like for dinner but for a regular dinner party my go to dish is pork loin with mashed potatoes and gravy.

  15. Erin says

    My daughter, age 7, loves to help me bake a cake for celebrations. It’s fun to pick the flavor with her.

  16. Sarah G says

    It all depends on the person. My guacamole is usually a hit, but I would never make it when celebrating my father-in-law, who is repulsed by that “green garbage.” Something simple is usually best!

  17. Amber H. says

    hmm, definitely depends on the person. I like celebration desserts the most, since I cook desserts less often under ‘normal’ circumstances.

  18. Crystal says

    Dessert, of course! Usually a cake or cupcake that suits the person somehow — even when it ends up half-smashed on the kitchen counter, like for my sis-in-law’s birthday, it makes people feel special :)

  19. Pam says

    My daughter and I are always in charge of the birthday cake. We search recipes until we find the perfect one.

  20. says

    It changes with the seasons but for summer it’s ribs or chicken on the BBQ with grilled corn doused in fresh lime juice and salt, chipotle honey baked beans and a strawberry spinach salad. Dessert can be home made frozen yogurt or strawberry ice cream all served up with lots of love and laughter.

  21. Iliana says

    These days it’s Korean Hot Wings. I make these for everyday special occasions such as when all my kids are home (the older 2 are away at college).

  22. Gail Rosenbaum says

    Ribs, Ribs, Ribs!!! We don’t each much meat so when its a celebration, that’s what everyone wants.

  23. Leah Stark says

    For casual celebrations with my famly I have been making bacon blue cheese burgers on the grill and for more “fancy” meals chicken lasagna. My mom always makes a special family birthday cake for dessert.

  24. Di says

    Depends on the person & occasion, but my top 3 are probably Chicken Tikka Masala (had a dinner where EVERYONE wanted the recipe), enchiladas, or an incredible Strawberry Cream Cake!

  25. Jen Grimm says

    I love to bake whenever we have something to celebrate. It doesn’t matter what kind of dessert…I bake them all!

  26. kim says

    My kids are grown, 29 yr old daughter and 26 yr old son. Requests are usually the same. Aine, 29, loves an appetizer dinner- proscuitto and melon, mozzarella, basil, tomato salad, grilled bruschetta with a tomato basil topping, assorted seasoned olives, roasted pepper salad with a yummy balsamic drizzle. Chase, 26, is a Marine officer- give him meat! I make grilled sirloin tips with a soy/garlic/vinegar/ketchup/ginger/brown sugar marinade along with his favorite Caesar salad and grilled garlic bread….both kids love for dessert almond biscotti with peaches and raspberries poached in white wine/cinnamon/sugar! These dishes have been part of our family for so long, Chase’s dinner was a welcome home for him from his deployment in Afghanistan last year, it was also his Tulane graduation dinner in 2004…for a very large group!

  27. says

    Whoever the occassion is celebrating, or whoever is coming over I always make a dessert or dish of their choosing! This weekend, for Father’s Day, it’s triple berry pie!

  28. Kristy says

    Any time my family gets together we fix a huge breakfast. Over time, it became simply Fat Boy Breakfast!!

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