Our lucky winner is Juli who says, ” I love chicken on a stick. Small pieces of chicken and potato and pickle sandwiched between and then deep fried. So bad, but so good.” Congrats Juli. We three cooks like the sound of your concoction!

What is it about food on a stick? Why do we love it so much? Photographer and food lover, Matt Armendariz set out to find the best food-on-a-stick, the known and unknown. Tough job, huh?

The result is an exceedingly Fun book (Fun with a capital F) called On a Stick!. Whether a poolside party, a holiday gathering, a casual get-together, or cooking with your kids, this book has the perfect bite on a stick for every occasion. From the classics like caramel apples and corn dogs to the clever, like spaghetti and meatballs and potato chips, there are over 80 ‘party-perfect’ recipes that just make you want to have a party just so you can wow people with these whimsical creations.

Not surprisingly, the book (photographed by Matt himself) is a visual party on paper. As I perused the pages, I loved the look of things like Chicken and Waffles and Chinese Meatballs, but I paused on the panzanella. I thought it was clever, but also, in the height of summer, I wanted to use tomatoes and basil. I threw these together quickly, served them to a troupe of hungry friends and they were gone in minutes. The sherry vinaigrette coupled with creamy mozzarella and the bright flavors of tomato and basil – it was simple, summer perfection. Everyone loved the panzanella, and they raved all the more simply because…it was on a stick.

So perhaps Matt is right. “Food on a stick just tastes better.” But one thing is certain: it’s more fun. This will be my new go-to party book for fun recipes and endless inspiration.

Yes, he’s my friend, so you could say I’m biased. But check out these other reviews. I mean, the LA Times don’t lie, folks. Nor does The Cooking Channel. Or the insanely popular website, Design Sponge.

We’re lucky enough to be giving away a signed copy of On a Stick! To enter, simply tell us: What is your favorite food on a stick?

Giveaway ends Sunday July 31 at 9:00 pm (EST). The winner will be announced on Monday.