Cakey-Fudgy-Chewy Brownies

browniesWe were going to post the recipe for my Cakey-Fudgy-Chewy Brownies this week (we even took a photo and everything!), but our friend Jamie over at My Baking Addiction ( published our recipe and gave us a shout out on her site this week. So, we’re giving her a little link-love back.

Go to her site for Pam’s Cakey-Fudgy-Chewy Brownie recipe. You’ll be glad you did! Her site is beautiful, and the brownies really are incredible.


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    These are in fact the best brownies ever. I’ve tried lots of recipes, and nothing else comes close. We’ve been enjoying these for years – thanks so much for developing an excellent recipe!

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    I can’t wait to try them, I used to have a favorite recipe which I lost…and embarrassingly can’t remember! I have a feeling this will be my new fave…thank you!

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