As of January 2011, we Three Many Cooks are the weekly food columnists for USA Weekend magazine, a Sunday insert in some 20 million newspapers across the country. We didn’t make a splashy deal about it when it happened, but now that we’re all settled, we wanted you to know about it too.

Our being USA Weekend food columnists means you get more. Starting this Sunday we’ll post our USA Weekend recipe, along with a video of us demonstrating it. You’ll probably learn a thing or two, but it’s mostly us just having fun in the kitchen!

Here’s a taste of what you’re in for. In this past weekend’s video Maggy and I do a side-by-side test of pulled barbecue beef using her crock-pot method and my quick oven method. We let Sharon be the decider. Watch this video and see who wins.

This coming Sunday I’ll be giving Maggy and Sharon (and anyone else who cares to watch) a quick Lo Mein lesson. We hope to see you then… and every Sunday. And head over to We’re there each week along with lots of other interesting people and timely stories.