Can I cook your Braised Short Ribs on the stove top?

Q.  M Chudnov Asks: In USA Weekend, you have a wonderful Red Wine-Braised Short Rib recipe.  My question is can the whole recipe be made on the stove top in the Dutch Oven? I don’t know if my old Dutch Oven can take the heat of the oven itself & don’t want to buy a new, oven-safe Dutch Oven. Please advise. I’d like to try this recipe.

A.  Thanks for your question. Braised short ribs are really just stew and any stew can be made on top of the stove. That said, I still prefer my stews cooked in the oven. If you’re worried about your Dutch oven simply dramatically reduce the oven temperature. In fact, in my first book, The Perfect Recipe, the suggested oven temperature in my recipe for beef stew is 250 degrees. Of course it takes a lot longer–figure 3 hours–and stew juices aren’t as rich but it’s a very good method for making stew. Let me know how your short ribs turn out!

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