Photos courtesy of Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show

Over the  years I’ve been on most of the national morning shows, but it wasn’t until last week I got my invite to The Martha Stewart Show. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited, nor have so many people been excited for me, as my Martha debut. The segments went well. Here’s why.

10. Security!: Before passing through an airport-style metal detector,  a lovely man apologetically searches my suitcase and purse.

9. Privacy: No sharing the green room with other guests, we each get our own suite!

8. Focus: There’s no cell or internet service (and therefore no distraction).

7. Hospitality: Upon our arrival Adriana (more on her later) delivers crudite, bottled water, and well-made cappuccinos.

6. Organization: For nearly four hours someone was responsible for making sure I’m on track to perform well.

5.  Great Hair and Make-Up: Don’t think anyone’s ever made me look better.

4.  Practice, Practice, Practice: Before the show, the segment producer and I really worked through the segment. It helped!

3. Good Taste: Every single prop was incredibly well chosen. And get this. Every single ingredient was discreetly labeled on the inside of the bowl.

2. Friendliness: No exceptions–every single person working on Martha’s show was not just nice. They were very nice.

1. Adriana’s Peurto Rican Punch: I mostly credit my solid performance to Adriana, head of hospitality. In addition to her other acts of kindness (see 7) she made sure I got a lovely little teacup of her spiked egg nog before I went on. There’s nothing like a little pre-game shot to heighten performance!

Looking to catch a viewing?  You can find a video of me demoing Grain & Legume Salad (and a recipe!) plus Martha and me making Mushroom-Barley Soup over on Martha’s website here and here respectively.